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     It‘s all started when I was just a little girl...


My love for Fashion start when I was only 7 years old…
That's when I made my  first dress and matching headband. Without sewing machine and much knowledge how to, but with strong desire to do it -all it took is my  imagination, some old clothing, needle tread and  my 2 hands. Sure first few times were not so successful, but I got much better at this after those few times :) 

With time I discovered that I have love for many forms and shapes of design. From clothing to interiors. My love for beautiful living spaces, painting and refinishing old furniture, fixing old broken things and so on, lead me to become an interior decorator later in live.
In 2006 I graduated from NY Institute of Art and Design-previously called “Sheffield School of Interior Design” in NY. But the little girls dream that one day I will design my own clothing and accessories and sell them to a public just could not leave me alone it always been my dream job....

After my Daughter Izabela was born I started creating little girls clothing, tutus and accessories. Luckily I discovered Etsy. Open the shop and called it” Fancy Tutu Boutique”. While I was working on creating clothing and accessories for the little ones, I just could not handle how my own unruly hair would get in my way. Being a mother is hard to get time for yourself as you are always on the GO. Hair is the last think that I get to spend time on, but it’s always a problem when you need to leave the house. My daily look was a baseball had, but that look was far away from Trendy. Seems like many woman and young ladies were in the same boat. I start getting requests on making some bands for adults that are so much in need for comfy fitted Trendy bands that they can put it on the Go without worrying too much of their hair and look Trendy, Stylish and Comfortable!

Change had to be made! CristaBela’s Boutique was born and was named after the names of two of my children-Cristofer and Izabela. Gratefully heaving such a positive feedback from my customers just helps me to fallow my dream and bring new designs constantly.

I am pretty much a perfectionist when it comes to CristaBela's Boutique, because I LOVE what I do. I believe when you make with Love you make it Perfect. From Making it to packaging you can be sure your items will arrive of the best possible quality and nicely packed that is great even for a gift giving.

Today-CristaBela’s Boutique is popular for its imaginative shapes and styles and expert craftsmanship. Every piece is created with special attention to detail and with comfort in mind. It is the go to place for handcrafted couture accessories with a special flair, for ladies of all ages...

Thank you so much for taking your time to read my story. I hope to be your creator and help to achieve the style you were looking for with comfort in mind. 

~ Just a little extra~
I am a proud member of “The Artisan Group”, that is on the mission to introduce Hollywood to the best of the best of the handcrafted movement!
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